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tell us about ur trip :)



Omg thanks for asking because I have a bajillion things to say about the best trip I’ve probably ever gone attended (or will attend??). It’s definitely something special to be able to go to Europe without your parents and the people to whom you’ve grown attached in band. Without further adoooo:

  1. Berlin: So basically this is where we arrived. We didn’t spend much time here, but we were able to get a tour of the highlights of the city before we departed for Leipzig. It’s a gorgeous city and it’s bizarre to see the comparison between the East and West Sides that was first apparent during the Cold War. Even seeing the Berlin Wall was quite an experience - viewing the demolished symbol of the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. It’s a beautiful city full of history and I definitely hope to return one day.
  2. Leipzig/Dresen: Next we went to the beautiful small city of Leipzig. After a few days, we basically covered the city in its entirety. We explored the downtown, got tours of the city, and even performed a concert in a gorgeous church with the local music school. (I also tried Schnitzel for the first and wow was it delicious.) To be completely, honest, I wasn’t terribly fond of the kids in the German band because they absolutely would not socialize with us and they seemed to always look down upon us. Regardless, you could still find many girls thirsting for dem German boys (smh). Before going on to Prague, we stopped in the famous city of Dresden that is known for being relentlessly bombed by the Allies in World War II. It was rebuilt absolutely beautifully and I’m heartbroken that we only had 3 hours here because I would have loved to have seen more.
  3. Prague: Interestingly enough, the same music school from #2 came with us to Prague to perform in the fabulous Obecni Dum concert hall. Unfortunately, we only had two days here, so were only able to get a tour of the the massive castle, the old town area, and everything in between. I definitely wish we had a lot more time here because there’s a lot more that I wish I could have covered in this beautiful albeit aged city. fun fact: I also promposed here! During one of our segments of free time, we were restricted to the Old Town section of Prague, but I snuck back over to the castle side of the river over Charles Bridge with a few of my friends to a bridge with love locks on it. I gave my girlfriend a lock that said “Prom?” on it and the rest is history. I can post pictures later JUST REMIND ME PLS
  4. Dachau: From Prague, we went on a REALLY long bus ride to Dachau, a former concentration camp. I went into it thinking it wouldn’t affect me much. After all, I’m not aware of anyone to whom I am related who perished in the holocaust. Oh, but I could not have been more wrong. Let me assure you, reading about the camps and actually visited are two totally different experiences. The chaperone groups in which we had our tours (boisterous was usually the right adjective to describe them) were dead silent for the whole tour, myself included. Even when I asked a sobbing girl if she was okay, I hardly heard myself speak. Stepping into the gas chamber absolutely broke me. It brought me to the realization that World War II was a conflict in which Germany fought with my people (Russians, etc.) and that there’s a very high chance that somewhere along the way, someone I am related to was sent to one of these horrific camps. Oddly enough, it was a complete reversal to what I had expected going into the experience and it was painful to think about. Enough of that though, I have no doubt in mind that this is an experience that everyone should have before they die. Do not forget what happened here. Do not just read about it. It is not the same. Come see it yourself.
  5. Oberammergau: So after our band program was a sobbing mess, we departed Dachau for the cute small town of Oberammergau, which you might know for its famous Passion Play produced once every 10 years. From here, we visited the beautiful castle of Neuschwanstein and the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! The next day, we had a couple of hours of free time in Oberammergau, so we spent it going around and buying souvenirs. Later that night, we had a concert with the local band. Even though it wasn’t a high school band, I still had a lot of fun because you could tell by the age of some of the musicians that they really loved music. After all, they kept playing it long after you see most people stop. The fact they continued this passion for generations to come really speaks volumes about their commitment to music. This is definitely the cutest town I have ever visited and I have no doubt that I will eventually return to either ski or to grow old!

Ask me about my trip to Germany/Czech Republic[/Austria]!…. or just send me anons in general :)


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A young visitor watches as Cornell veterinarians repair a stuffed animal in the “Teddy Bear ER,” part of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s 48th Annual Open House April 12.